Softcup offers a unique proposition among all the menstrual cups. Unlike medical-grade silicone menstrual cups, the Softcup is intented to be reused only through one menstrual cycle and then disposed. It combines several advantages of more traditional menstrual cups: no bacteria growth, up to 12 hours time between changing, and no odors. In addition you do not have to worry about sanitizing it between periods (just throw away and use another), while producing less waste than tampons or pads.

One truely unique thing about the Softcup is that it can be used during intercourse. This is the only menstrual cup that permits mess-free penetration during your period; the rest sit too low. It should be noted that it does not act as a contraceptive or prevent sexually transmitted diseases.


Softcups have a less flexible ring combined with a completely flexible cup where fluid will collect.


The few downsides are that it is relatively costly: since you need a new one for each period, it doesn't eliminiate the recurring cost of menstration. That being said, if you want a low-cost way to try menstrual cups, this may be a great introductory product for you.

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