Most menstrual cups come in only a few sizes and stems. Not the MeLuna cup! With the MeLuna you can customize your cup to exactly how you like it. It comes in 2 firmness levels (3 outside the us) so you can decide if you like your menstrual cup softer and more flexible or firmer. (There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Softer cups can be more comfortable especially to insert, firmer cups may stay in place easier and leak less.) The MeLuna has three handle styles: ring, ball, and stem. When deciding which stem is for you, think not only of how easy it will be to grasp for removal, but how comfortable it will be during wear. Finally, it comes in two colors: clear and purple. This decision should be easy! Just pick the one you like.

It may seem like a lot of decisions to make, but if you know exactly what you want the MeLuna cup may be fore you. This is one of the few cups where you can get exactly what you want. It is also one of the few cups that isn’t made of silicone, so if you are avoiding that material you may be able to get a silicone-like experience without the sensitivity.


It comes in 8 sizes, which is more than any other menstrual cup on the market. It comes in two lengths (regular and "shorty") and each length comes in 4 different diameters. They recommend you choose the size of the cup based on your body (age, previous pregnancy, fitness) rather than on how heavy your period typically is.


Unlike many other popular menstrual cups made of silicone, the MeLuna is made of thermoplastic elastomer specially manufactured for medical use. The same material is used in pacifiers. Thermoplastic elastomer, similar to silicone, feels smooth and dry but not sticky. It is even less likely to cause an allergic reaction than silicone and it conforms very readily to the environment its placed in, in this case, the body. It may take on an oval shape after wearing.

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