The Intimina Lily menstrual cup is designed specially to be leakproof and easy to insert and remove. It has a seamless, smooth sillouette cast in medical-grade silicone. The top of the cup features a flexible rim that prevents spills during removal. In addition, the Intimina Lily is the only cup that folds down as small as a tampon for insertion. That means that it may be one of the easiest and most comfortable cups to use for those that are used to tampons. It is softer than other cups, which may mean that it is more comfortable for some women, but it also may leak more than other cups.

Other Products

Intimina is heavily invested in women's reproductive and menstrual health as shown by their board of doctors which advises them. In addition to menstrual cups, they have a variety of products including keigel exercisers, vaginal washes, moisturizers, and massagers. Check out their website for more information.

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