The iCare menstrual cup is made of hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone. There are no prominent ridges on its bell-shaped exterior.

Ease of insertion

In spite of its softness, this cup should be relatively easy to insert.

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Ease of removal

Because of its lack of ridges and grip, this cup may be slightly harder to remove.

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The cup comes in two sizes: small, made for those with a lighter flow, smaller vaginal canal, and those who have not given birth; and large, for those with a heavier flow, less pelvic floor tone, or who have given birth.


This cup is softer than other cups, but it is specifically designed to pop open easily after insertion, which is a common problem when menstrual cups are too soft. Some women may find softer menstrual cups easier or more comfortable to wear.


With its mostly ridgeless exterior and lack of engravings, this cup would be very easy to clean.


This is one of the cheaper menstrual cups.

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