Step 1: Grasp the stem and pull

Find the stem with your fingers and gently pull until you can feel the base.

Problem: Can’t feel the stem

First, deep breath! Then “bear down” gently– this can feel like pooping. It’ll move down eventually. It may also help to squat.

Problem: Can’t get a grip

If you’re having trouble grasping the menstrual cup, try a menstraul cup with a thicker, longer stem with ridges. You can also try a menstrual cup that has a ring instead of a stem.

Step 2: Release the seal

It will make it easier to remove if you reach up past the stem to the base of the cup and pinch. Now you should be able to pull the cup all the way out easily.

Step 3: Keep it level

Be careful not to tip the cup until you are ready to empty it.

Step 4: Empty the cup and clean it