Learning to insert your menstrual cup is really quite easy once you get the hang of it. See below for the tips and some common problems and solutions.

The one trick of it is that the cup is too large to insert whole. You’ll need to fold it, then pop it open once it’s been inserted.

Step 1: Fold the menstrual cup.

The simplest is to flatten the cup and fold it in half. (You may see this referred to as the “U-fold”).

Step 2: Insert

Hold the cup with the rim facing toward you. Separate your labia and push the rim of the folded cup horizontally. The stem should be no more than about a half inch inside your vagina.

Problem: The cup doesn’t “fit”

Try an alternative fold. The “push down” pushes the rim closer to the center of the cup.

You can also try squatting.

An alternative is to try a cup that folds down very small, like the Intima Lily. You can also try a lubricant or a lubricated menstrual cup like the AmyCup.

Step 3: Rotate

This step ensures that that the cup has opened fully and creates a seal with the wall of the vagina. If a seal doesn’t form, the cup will leak.

To do it, simply rotate the cup half a turn.

Problem: The cup won’t “pop open”

Try a firmer cup. With a cup that’s too soft, it may be hard to apply the right kind of pressure to the material to get it to open. One good option is the Mooncup UK.

Or you can try a cup that doesn’t need to pop open, like the FemmyCycle.

Problem: The cup opens, but leaks

You may be using a cup that’s too small for you. Try a larger size of the same cup or a larger cup.