Femmecup is made of medical-grade silicone. It has one spiral ridge around the cup and some small ridge-like texture on the stem which makes it easier to remove. Many also find that the design makes it less likely to leak.


Unlike other cups, this one is one-size-fits-all though it is closer in size to what other brands call "after childbirth" size. (Also suitable for heavy flows.) The majority of users do find that it fits them and comment that it is nice to not have to choose a size.


Unlike most which are cloudy, femmecup is clear making it easier to see and clean.


While the cup itself is quite reasonably priced, the same company also makes a very low cost option which is only reusable for a year which will help women "try it out" and decide if menstrual cups are for them.


This cup is produced in the UK and primarily available in Europe.

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