While the Eva Cup shares a similar shape with many menstrual cups, there is a lot that distinguishes it from its competitors. The cups come in a variety of colors (from rose to chartreuse, medow, lavendar, sunset, and moonstone) and all come with a fun print carrying bag. For a little extra, you can also get a collapsible steralizing cup to keep your menstrual cup clean.


The Eva Cup has one ridge around the top and then a series of ridges at the bottom, culminating in a round, ridged stem that would make it easier to grip for removal. (The ridges may also make it less comfortable to wear, though this is unlikely.) It comes in two sizes and you should choose the one most appropriate for you.


It is cheaper than other menstrual cups and is available in multi-packs. Though it isn't clear why you would need more than one (they last for up to 15 years), you could always give the other cups to a similarly frugal friend.


Based in the United States, the Eva Cup is made of medical grade silicone in an FDA registered facility. Unlike unbranded knockoffs, the materials and dyes used in the Eva Cup are totally safe for use inside your body. They take their mission to provide a "hassle-free" period experience very seriously.

Other Products

If you're looking for help with your period, the Anigan company also makes and sells stain free panties, hand warmers, and other accessories for your period and your menstrual cup. They have a cute "first period kit" that would make a thoughtful gift to cheer up any girl who's just started menstruating. It's worth checking out their website to see all the options.

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