The Amycup has taken a completely different approach toward insertion and removal from all of the other menstrual cups. Unlike most menstrual cups, which require you to get pretty… intimate… with yourself in order to insert and remove, the Amy cup is the first menstrual cup with “hands clean” technology.

In addition to the cup, the Amycup kit comes with an applicator and lubricant. To insert, the cup must be folded, lubricated, and inserted into the applicator. Then both are placed inside the vagina and the cup is ejected from the applicator by pushing on the bottom of the applicator as you slide it out. The process is similar to using a tampon with an applicator. The applicator can also be used to remove the Amycup by screwing the base of the cup into the other end of the applicator while it is inside the vagina. Then the cup can be removed by pulling on the applicator.

The Amycup is manufactured in Italy but available worldwide through their website.


The cup itself, made of platinum medical grade silicone. The shape ressembles more of a tube which broadens out at the top where there's a double ridge helps to keep the cup securely in place. The tube-like base has threading to ease removal and there is a puller at the very bottom which will help with manual removal.

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